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Poster: duckpond74 Date: Sep 9, 2010 4:19pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 6-28-76

My empirical response is, having gone three out of the four nights is this:

The first and most highly anticipated night was split between joy and bemusement - joy at seeing the band not only on stage again, but playing in the nicest opera house around, and bemusement at the strange slow pace of the tunes and the odd new arrangements like St. Stephen - we left happy but wondering aloud.

Skipped the second night, gave my ticket to a friend.

6-28-76 was the third night. The first set was OK but not overly inspiring. High Time was a nice surprise. When they came out for the second set wearing their best prankster faces and with lots of joking around with each other, the entire vibe of the hall changed - like when your team is down by 3 runs in the ninth, then they tie it and have runners at first and second . . . that kind of vibe change and heightened anticipation. Not only opening with Eyes, but the most unique take with a long groove intro and a Phil solo all in the first 10 minutes and before the first verse. From that point it was transcendent right through the whispered end of Not Fade Away. A truly magical second set. The band was in sync and the audience was right there with them.

The fourth and last night was broadcast live and all of the tunes seemed to have a measured carefulness about them. We were now familiar with their new arrangements and modus operandi, therefore bemusement minimalized, enjoyment maximized. Yes, I agree this night was the best night for accuracy in the playing and nice, diverse, flowing set lists. A highly enjoyable evening with a fantastic radio broadcast tape to keep reminding us how clean and measured it was, and how the deep and inspired Playin'->The Wheel->Playin' we witnessed was one for the ages (see the So Many Roads box The Wheel). This night was about precision - and that's not a bad thing.

We've long had the luxury of having such pristine recordings of 6-29 to enjoy over the years . . . I'm just curious what a pristine SBD of 6-28 would have spelled over time.